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Saving Money In The Long Run By Spending Money On Your Cat

One of the great things about cats is that they are low-maintenance pets, rarely requiring any serious attention of you the way dogs often can. After all, you do not need to take your cat for a walk, and if you have a litter box, you do not even need to let them out to go to the bathroom. But as is the case with any pet, you will sometimes have funny things happen with your cat – funny things, that is, that cost you lots of money! And in fact, these “things that cost money” are often the result of the cat’s owner not spending money wisely early on. This is a list of three different things that will cost you a bit of money now, but that will save you money down the road.


At the top of this list is declawing; of course, an indoor/outdoor cat should be allowed to keep its claws. But if you have a precious little kitten that you plan to keep indoors, and this precious little kitten is being not-so-precious and tearing up the furniture, you should have the kitten declawed. After all, you would be better off paying for your cat to be declawed now than have to pay for a few new couches later on!

Another area where poeple try to save money with their cat is in the food they buy, as those big bags of inexpensive food look so appealing! But while this saves you money for now, you make your cat far more susceptible to sickness and disease, as these budget foods are not as fortified as the more expensive options. And in the end, a couple extra visits to the vet cost a lot more than a couple extra dollars on cat food!


If you are lucky, you do not have this final problem, but many people have a problem when they do not buy good cat litter. Some cats will not use a litter box if they do not like the litter, and they will instead use corners in your house, ruining your carpet!

Cats can be a joy, and they can be among the easiest pets in the world; but make sure you spend money on the right things for your cat, or you may be digging into your pockets down the road!



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