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Taking Good Care Of A Good Pair Of Boots

It used to be that people could buy a good pair of leather boots, and these would last them the rest of their life; nowadays, however, it seems that a “good” pair of shoes does not last longer than two or three years! While part of this is due to workmanship, the “shoddy workmanship” excuse does not come into play if you have purchased a truly nice pair of leather boots; if you bought some truly nice boots, and they did not last you long, it was probably because you did not take proper care of them!

First off, you need to keep in mind the fact that wet leather becomes cracked and brittle leather, which means that you should always waterproof your leather boots before you put them in the elements; @@AMAZONTEXT;B0028XDBM6;Granger G Max Footwear Universal Weatherproof@@ is a great product for weatherproofing your shoes, and with regular application, you can keep your shoes safe from the elements!

You can also keep your boots in great shape if you give them a little extra care and attention – preferably with some polish and leather conditioner; when you use a product such as @@AMAZONTEXT;B003IS3HV0;Leather Honey Leather Conditioner@@, you will be able to keep your leather soft and supple, and you will even be able to rescue leather that has started to become dry and brittle!

Also, know that your leather will need a break every once in a while; even if you have a pair of leather boots that you absolutely love, and that you want to wear all the time, you need to try to give these boots about twelve hours of rest between each wearing, as this will keep the leather from getting worn out.

The soles of your boots might someday require the attention of a shoe cobbler, but if you take care of the leather the right way, it will last you for years and years – and in fact, it will probably last you much longer than you could ever even need!


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