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Sub par processing parts are the reality with many new computers. This means that the performance they deliver really isn’t up to what most expect. A small hard drive and less Ram memory can cause your computer to run poorly and slow. The processor is the brain of your computer and is really important. Getting a new processor for you computer will allow it to run faster and better than you can imagine.

The Intel Core i7 processor leads the pack of the new Intel line of Core processors that has just been released. Computing power and cost are both balanced well with this one. This processor takes four separate 3.06 GHZ computing cores and uses them all within itself. This means if you are running many different programs at the same time you won’t have a computer that slows down at all.

Those who play computer games will really enjoy this extra power. A computer’s processing power can be taxed greatly by these games. All of your processor’s abilities and computer’s memory is demanded by the games. Just a graphics card will not let you really go in depth with all of the new games that are released. From graphics to artificial intelligence, the i7 will allow you to experience every aspect of each game at full power.

Those who edit videos and pictures also need a computer that can multi task with ease. Most editing programs that are used widely today are end up taking all of the memory and processing power you have to run them. If you are attempting to edit on the fly your can start to notice the video slowing. Editing photos using Adobe programs will also slow badly if you don’t have enough power. The i7 processor runs the most advanced editing systems for videos and pictures with ease and polish.

Jump into the new line of Intel’s processors for your older computer and make sure you can use any program you end up buying. A whole new level of computing can be achieved on your old computer with the new i7 processor. Intel stands behind the quality of this processor with the issuing of a three year warranty as well.

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