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Cheap Sunglasses versus Expensive Sunglasses

When it comes to buying sunglasses, there seems to be an endless number of options, from gas station sunglasses to department store sunglasses to brand name sunglasses and more! But while style is, of course, one of the considerations when choosing between the cheaper sunglasses and the more expensive ones – as is the name brand stamped on the sunglasses themselves – there is the ever-swirling question of whether the more expensive sunglasses actually protect the eyes better as well.


The main thing that you are wanting from sunglasses is protection from UV rays that can be harmful to your eyes. And for the most part, 100% UV protection is offered by all sunglasses, regardless of name brand or style. This goes for the $200 sunglasses you might consider buying from Sunglass Hut, and it goes for the $10 sunglasses at the travel stop on the highway!

The next thing that people especially look for in their sunglasses is for them to make the sun more bearable while driving or walking around. As with UV rays, you will be able to find options in the lower price range that darken the sun just as well as those in the higher price range; you can also find sunglasses on both ends that do a poor job blocking the sun.

Considering that you can block both the UV rays and the sunlight itself as effectively with the cheaper sunglasses as with the expensive ones brings up the following question: Is there any advantage to buying expensive sunglasses?


In answering this question, you first have to keep in mind that many of the more expensive sunglasses are marked up simply because of the brand name. But at the same time, expensive sunglasses can have several distinct advantages: they are usually heftier, sturdier, and better-looking. Of course, some people tend to lose or break sunglasses on a regular basis, no matter how expensive they are!

When it comes time to decide between a cheap pair of sunglasses or an expensive pair, assess the likelihood that you will keep the sunglasses with losing or breaking them; if the likelihood is good, you may as well invest in a good pair; if the likelihood is not good, you may want to stick with the less expensive options!


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