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A Desktop Computer That Can Do It All

The traditional format of computers is starting to fade into the background as new technology comes to the forefront. Personal computers in the home have always involved many bulky parts that needed to stay in one place. Now there is the ability to travel the world and take your computer with you. Notebook sized computers and cell phones that have computers inside are more prevalent than ever. Yet there are still computers that are stationary and meant to be used in the home. However they have added many features to set them apart from their predecessors.


One of the industry leaders is Gateway and they still make great desktop computers. Gateway has released a new 23 inch desktop computer that has everything in one spot. This computer is very innovative and it starts with the monitor and the computer itself. No longer do they come separately. Instead they are built into each other which allow you to save space in your home. It still comes with a keyboard and mouse, but both can now be used wirelessly.


The monitor itself is a full touch screen. This allows many new innovations to be utilized. It has been traditionally painstaking for people to navigate their computer with only a mouse. Fingertips are now all that is needed for the user to navigate the screen of their computer. The screen also displays everything in full 1080p high definition. The beautiful screen easily displays any of your traditional DVDs or blu-ray discs you’ve bought. The HD stereo system provides a perfect complement to the amazing screen.


Don’t let yourself get caught up in the newest trends in computing. In some cases smaller is better, but for most people who need a powerful computer the desktop is the way to go. Unless you are constantly on the road, you will get more for your money in a desktop. Gateway delivers another great machine with this all in one desktop even after making computers for a few decades. A portable machine cannot match the specs this one delivers for a similar price.




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