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Backing Up Your Computer with an External Hard Drive

Your computer holds a ton of important information. Whether they are an undergrad or graduate student, all students save their files on a computer. Work files are all held on computers too if you are a businessman. Those who love photography also hold almost all of their photos on it too. These are just three types of people who would benefit greatly from backing up their computer on an external hard drive.

External hard drives are made by many companies, but the far and away leader is Western Digital. The My Passport Essential One Terabyte hard drive is one of their most popular. This hard drive contains an outrageous amount of room to back up everything on your computer. Keeping your important files safe is what Western Digital prides itself on. Password protection is a feature that most people want on their hard drive and this hard drive is definitely fit with it.

When you are on your computer and changing files, this hard drive will automatically back them up as long as it is plugged in. In case your computer fails, it will be able to be restored back to the moment of the failure with this feature. Millions of computers around the world are backed up by Western Digital hard drives. They have done so for two decades because they trust the product they produce.

The drive connects to your computer through a USB port. Although most computers have USB 2.0 ports, there are newer computers that have USB 3.0 ports on them. Both of these speeds are possible with this external hard drive. Whenever you take the step into the new speed of USB, your external hard drive will be ready as well.

Not backing up your important files is like you are playing with fire. Once it is lost, it will be lost forever without a back up. Many PC rebuilds require stripping the hard drive of all its data. Don’t take the chance of losing files that are important to you and others.


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