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Catching Sleep While On The Road

Staying awake can become difficult when you are taking a road trip, where you are driving long distances all at once. Although many people try to simply “push through” the tiredness, it has been proven that driving when you are extremely tired is nearly as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. A short nap – even just thirty minutes or so – can go a long way in helping to keep you awake. And since you probably do not want to get a hotel room for a simple thirty minute nap, here are some places to keep in mind for you to pull over and stop. You might receive a knock on your window from a police officer in one of these spots, but once you explain what you are doing, they will commend you and leave you at peace.


One of the best places for a bit of road sleep is rest stops. Of course, rest stops can vary greatly from state to state. But in most states, you will find that rest stops are restful and quiet. Be careful, however, as you might not want to sleep at a rest stop during the night. In fact, quiet and secluded rest stops can actually become dangerous sometimes after the sun goes down. During the day, however, rest stops are safe, pleasant, and a great place for sleep.


Travel plaza parking lots are another great place for sleep. While there might be more traffic buzzing in and out, the parking lots of these places are usually large enough to allow you to find a quiet corner. Lean your chair back, set an alarm, and catch a good nap! You can sleep in a travel plaza parking lot even during the night and still be quite safe.


Finally, a great place for sleeping if you cannot find a travel plaza parking lot nearby, is parking lots for hotels. There are enough cars in such places that no one is likely to bother you, and you can sleep for a bit and get right back on the road.


Even though it might seem like a bit of a hassle to find a place to nap during your road trip, it will keep you refreshed, and it will keep both yourself and other drivers safe!


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