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Understanding What Twitter Is

You have probably heard of Twitter on the news, or on websites, or on television programs. But you might still find that you are confused as to the concept of Twitter, or as to how Twitter is used and why it is so darn popular. If such is the case, keep reading! You can understand the basics of Twitter by reading this short, simple crash course.


The concept of Twitter is that it enables users to share thoughts with anyone all over the world. These thoughts are presented in a manner similar to status updates on facebook, except that they are restricted to 140 characters or fewer. Twitter is absolutely free, and it imposes no restrictions on how frequently or infrequently its users may or must “tweet” – which is term used to describe the posts on Twitter. On Twitter, people “follow” each other, so a user can both follow other Twitterers and accumulate followers of their own. Your news feed on Twitter will be filled up with the tweets of those who you follow. You can also view someone’s Twitter page without following them and read their tweets this way (unless the person’s page has been set to private).


You might have set up a Twitter account yourself at some point in the past, but you eventually ditched the account when you failed to figure out how it all worked. Twitter is very simple once you understand it; if you are hoping to use Twitter to connect with people you know, follow these people, and they will follow you back. If you hope to use Twitter to interact with people you do not know, on the other hand, you can start to find people of interest to you – and these people can find you – when you start tweeting about the things you want to interact with people about.


Twitter’s extreme popularity can be explained in a number of ways, but one of the simplest explanations is the way Twitter opens communication among people from all over the world. Twitter allows people to interact with other individuals who they will never have a chance to meet in person, but who nevertheless share similar interests and ideas. With Twitter, you can build your business; you can interact with strangers; you can make new friends and reconnect with old friends.


Like most things that are immensely popular, Twitter is easy to understand and is easy to use. You might even find that you can’t stop once you understand it yourself, and once you really get going!



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